Thanksgiving Recipe Round-Up

So…it’s almost Thanksgiving.  Halloween is long gone, it’s almost Thanksgiving, which means it’s almost Hanukkah, and almost Christmas, so it’s almost New Years, so it’s almost January, aka our Birthday Month.

Basically, you should start thinking about what you’re going to get us for our birthdays (or more importantly what you’re going to bake for us) which are conveniently 13 days apart.

But Thanksgiving!  In case you’re still in the menu-planning process, here are some ideas from us with love.  These are either recipes we’ve made for Thanksgivings past or ones we’re excited about making for Thanksgiving present slash future.  You’ll notice two things.  One, we lack a turkey recipe.  Sides are more important, obvs.  Two, we have quite a few dessert recipes, as is only appropriate.

Hope these help!  Good luck with your Thanksgiving prep!






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