Roasted Vegetable Tart

This morning when I woke up it was 56 degrees.  Fahrenheit.  And I had to snuggle real hard under the blanket and it smelled like fall and a little bit of last night’s rain outside.  It made me so very happy and ready for more. (more…)


Peach and Raspberry Galette

Spring (slash really it’s just Summer-Lite in Texas) is here!

The Accountant and I have already had to turn on our A/C. Because apparently our apartment doesn’t believe in insulation. The weather outside is the weather inside.

Anyway, even though spring/summer brings things like heat and AC and sweating, it also brings super awesome things like baseball and sundresses and fruit pies and like one week of weather where you can do activities outside and bluebonnets.



Pumpkin Nutella Chess Pie

Apparently we now only eat things with pumpkin in them here.  Has pumpkin fatigue set in yet?  Is that a thing?

Also apparently it is in fact true that I will eat anything with nutella in it.  I don’t even usually like pumpkin pie (sorry/not sorry).  But once I decided to add nutella?  Yes.  Will eat.  No question. (more…)

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie

Milestones are happening in the Fleur-De-Licious world!  Milestones like the last day of law school class.  And the last finals ever.  And impending real world lawyer jobs.  MOST IMPORTANTLY however, Kate will be moving to Dallas soon, which is where I live, which means that for the first time since graduating high school in 2006…I get to live in the same city as my best friend.  There will be champagne when she gets here.  We are classy ladies. (more…)

Brown Butter Bourbon Apple Pie

Sometimes, it’s right in the middle of test week, and you decide to make a coffeecake, an apple pie, and homemade rolls for premature Friendsgiving.  You just decide this, and you don’t think about the fact that it is a stupid decision, and that you have no time management skills, and that there are more important life skills you should be working on with all this apparent “free-time” you’ve created to bake this stuff. (more…)

Strawberry Lemonade Pie

This is going to be a quick one because the Masters are on tv, and we all know how fast golf moves. If I look away for a second I could miss…someone lining up a putt.

Really this is a quick one because the last couple days of lectures have fried my brains. And we’re learning about brains! What a coincidence! (more…)

Cherry Pie

I think I made this pie 2 weeks ago.

Where is my life going?  I pretty much have no recollection of 19 days of October already happening.  Whirlwind.

I’m slowly but surely learning how to take care of myself like an adult and also not fail out of med school.  Exhibit a) I unloaded the dryer yesterday.  This would be less of an accomplishment had I not left a load of dry (clean!) clothes in there for a week.  (more…)