Fig and Pecan Bread

So here’s the thing about night shifts.  When you get a night off, what ends up happening is you sitting alone at home on your couch watching episode after episode of Modern Family until 4am.  I meant to watch True Detective, but that requires a lot of concentration, and my jet-lagged brain isn’t up for that right now. (more…)


Blood Orange Quick Bread

What’s funny is that everyday for the past month I’ve said, “Yeah but TODAY I’m gonna write a blog post.”  And then everyday there’s all the studying, and the working out, and the errands, and the Bachelor…and then it’s bedtime.

And now here we are.  In February.  I can count on NO hands the number of posts I’ve written since December.  Because it’s zero.  And because I’m the worst. (more…)

PB&J…from scratch

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write this post.  A few weeks ago, my college roommate Sarah was in town visiting.  Even though it took us awhile to figure out some of our other daily activities (sometimes a challenge to choose an summer activity in Texas that does not involve heatstroke), we obvs knew for sure that we would be baking something.  (more…)

Cheddar Sage Cornbread

Now that we’ve overloaded you with cookie recipes, let’s take a brief break and make some cornbread.

I’m a little embarrassed, because I’ve been meaning to share this recipe with you since, oh I dunno…Thanksgiving.  Remember that holiday?  It was only 3 1/2 weeks ago, although it feels like it was about 13 lifetimes ago.  Once again, I lost weeks of my life to learning about a single organ in the body.  This time, the kidneys.  I suppose I should just get used to this by now, but it still kind of amazes me how it happens.  (more…)

Mango Banana Bread

I wanted to title this “Mango Yonana Bread,” because have you ever looked at the stickers on Chiquita bananas?  Some of them say “make YONANAS,” which is when you freeze bananas, blend them, and pretend it’s ice cream.  This is legit, but every time I read “yo-nanas” I giggle and say in my head, “Yo-nanas?  My-nanas!”


Feel free to go read something less strange now. (more…)

Light Wheat Bread

I would like to start out by addressing the accusations from Hannah’s previous post (that I am crazy). In response, I just say, is it really more crazy to do an hour of yoga in a hot room than to run THIRTEEN MILES in a row… for FUN?! Think about it…

Now that that is out of the way. Y’all, I’m starting to think finals are coming up.

I’m not just saying this because I want to scare you or because I want to be ridiculous.

No. Finals coming up is a nightmare. And believe me, I’m trying to ignore it. But the signs are cropping up everywhere.