The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!!

Hello, faithful readers. If you’re still there after we’ve neglected you for almost two whole weeks. We’ll make it up to you, we swear. The holidays (without school) mean all baking, all the time.

Hannah and Kate are writing this post together because we both got to participate in this super awesome event made possible by the interwebs and the lovely ladies of Love and Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen. It was The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. And it was the coolest. (more…)


Cherry Pie

I think I made this pie 2 weeks ago.

Where is my life going?  I pretty much have no recollection of 19 days of October already happening.  Whirlwind.

I’m slowly but surely learning how to take care of myself like an adult and also not fail out of med school.  Exhibit a) I unloaded the dryer yesterday.  This would be less of an accomplishment had I not left a load of dry (clean!) clothes in there for a week.  (more…)

Sweet Cherry Cobbler

I had a miniature panic attack at Starbucks this afternoon.

I have a collection of about 486,000 recipes that I’ve cut out from various magazines over the years.  It could be a million recipes, a billion even, I don’t know.  I’m terrible at math.  Anyways, I’ve finally started going through these recipes and gluing them down so they can all go in a binder.

(I’m completely aware that we have the interwebs and computers and such.  I’m an old lady, and I like things on paper, okay?) (more…)

Pineapple-Peach-Cherry Crisp

I think we’ve been friends for long enough for me to tell you that I have fabric issues.

Serious.  Fabric.  Issues.

I need fabric – of all sorts – to lay how it’s supposed to lay.

For example: socks.  Sometimes you wear boots, and you wear socks, and your socks are kind of wimpy and losing their elastic, and as the day wears on they slowly creep down your ankle until they’re stuck under your heel.  This kind of occurrence can make me seriously grumpypants. (more…)

Chocolate-covered Cherry Stuffed Cupcakes

Hi, I’m Hannah.  And as of 9:30am yesterday, I’m pneumonia-free!

I’m debating whether or not to call my doctor and ask for a copy of my x-ray from yesterday.  (Do they make copies of x-rays?  I have a lot to learn in medical school.)  I want to carry it around and show people my clear (!!!) lungs like mommies-to-be show off their sonograms.  I’m just so dang proud.

You see, in the last 6 weeks, there have been sore throats and ear infections.  There has been lots and lots of pneumonia.  There have been inhalers, antibiotics, and vitamins galore.  But today?  No more sick, no sir.  Today I confidently toss my inhaler aside, and today, there are cupcakes!