Raspberry Cheesecake Nutella Cookies & our 2 Year BlogBirthday!

Well.  We’ve been at this thing for 2 years now, and neither of us have diabetuhs.  So…major accomplishment, I believe.

But no really!  2 years!  When I was 2 years old, the internet wasn’t even a THING, and now look.  We can come on here and let the whole wide world of web know all the super important, sophisticated, grown-up things that go on in our brains.  I don’t even know what the internet would be like without us. (more…)


Snickerdoodle Cheesecake Blondies

Is there a class I can take about weddings?  Specifically, a class or a book that will tell me all of the very basic questions that people expect me to the know the answers to, even though the wedding is 2 AND A HALF YEARS AWAY?

I went with my mom to look at a possible place to get married.  (I believe that’s called a venue?  Seriously.  Need help.)  This outing wasn’t as embarrassing as a few weeks ago when I met this lady who likes to plan weddings on the side.  At that little meeting, I informed her that I thought we would probably have 4 ushers “on each side.”  (more…)

Raspberry Coconut Layer Cake

A major life event happened!  And I’m not talking about the fact that I recently dyed my own sofa slipcover, although that is fairrrrrrly major.  For my life.

No.  A REAL life event.  My little brother went to college!  I say little, but, let’s face it.  I’ve been the shortest person in my family for an embarrassingly long time.  Dumb. (more…)

Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies

Hmm.  I’m writing this while I watch the Oscars.  It makes me sad to think that most of those actresses probably haven’t eaten anything resembling a Red Velvet Brownie in the past week or so.  At least they don’t look like they have.

I, on the other hand, am already in my oversized pj’s on my couch.  I ate a brownie yesterday, and I’m ready to judge some dresses and hairstyles.  I don’t go to fancy Oscar parties, though I may have a glass of champagne later.  By “may” I mean fo sho.

messy plate. but moist brownies!

Pulling for The King’s Speech tonight I think btdubs.  But let’s chat for just a moment (because I want to get back to the Oscars) about these Red Velvet Brownies.  (more…)

Strawberry-Orange Cheesecake Pretzel Bars

I received a large box in the mail today.  Large and heavy.  I’ve been waiting for this box to arrive for a week now.  It should have been here last week, but you know, snow and such.  As UPS put it, “adverse weather conditions” caused my box to sit, lonely and unloved, in a warehouse in Mesquite (ick) for days.

I’d been checking the tracking info for this box pretty much 4 times a day, every day.  So today, when it said “Delivered!” in bright green friendly letters, I said, “We need to go to the apartment office like NOW.”  So we went.  And as I carried this large, heavy box back to the car, I could feel myself smiling like a total goof.  Ben said it was the biggest smile he’d seen on my face in at least 2 days.  Hmmm.

Do you want to know what was in the box?  (more…)