Pumpkin Nutella Chess Pie

Apparently we now only eat things with pumpkin in them here.  Has pumpkin fatigue set in yet?  Is that a thing?

Also apparently it is in fact true that I will eat anything with nutella in it.  I don’t even usually like pumpkin pie (sorry/not sorry).  But once I decided to add nutella?  Yes.  Will eat.  No question. (more…)


Raspberry Cheesecake Nutella Cookies & our 2 Year BlogBirthday!

Well.  We’ve been at this thing for 2 years now, and neither of us have diabetuhs.  So…major accomplishment, I believe.

But no really!  2 years!  When I was 2 years old, the internet wasn’t even a THING, and now look.  We can come on here and let the whole wide world of web know all the super important, sophisticated, grown-up things that go on in our brains.  I don’t even know what the internet would be like without us. (more…)

Nutella-Marbled Mini Donut Muffins

I just basically slept for the last week, and I feel SO much better. It’s amazing what a little lazing around can do for a girl.

I’m super looking forward to baking (and posting!) more regularly again. This summer was a whirlwind that did not consist of butter, sugar, and flour. And those are my least favorite kinds of whirlwinds.

So. Anyway. Decisions. Those are things.


Happy World Nutella Day!

Today is an epic day.  Two extremely important holidays fall on February 5th.  First, it’s World Nutella Day.  To the few people out there who have never tried nutella: get your butt to a grocery store STAT.  A spoonful of this stuff and your life will never be the same.  Second, it’s National Weatherperson’s Day.  This is an important day in our household, seeing as Ben is a pretty rockin’ meteorologist.

So, I’ve decided to bake something to celebrate these momentous occasions.  (more…)