brown butter

Brown Butter Bourbon Apple Pie

Sometimes, it’s right in the middle of test week, and you decide to make a coffeecake, an apple pie, and homemade rolls for premature Friendsgiving.  You just decide this, and you don’t think about the fact that it is a stupid decision, and that you have no time management skills, and that there are more important life skills you should be working on with all this apparent “free-time” you’ve created to bake this stuff. (more…)

Brown Butter Sugar Cookies

As every single ad in the world will tell you, it’s Back-to-School Time!

Also, as every single ad in the world will tell you, the cool kids HATE to go back to school.

As this blog will tell you, I am not a cool kid. (This is Kate, btw. I think that Hannah is probably a cool kid. I’m lucky she finds my serious uncoolness amusing).

Logic then dictates that: I LOVE to go back to school.


Brown Butter Milky Way Cookies

I think Milky Ways are very neglected. Underrated, if you will.

I’m partly to blame for this.  I rarely buy candy bars to eat (to bake with is another issue), but when I do, I will 99.99999% of the time choose something with peanuts or peanut butter.  Snickers, Pay Day, Reese’s, Butterfinger, etc.  Never a Milky Way. (more…)