quick bread

Blood Orange Quick Bread

What’s funny is that everyday for the past month I’ve said, “Yeah but TODAY I’m gonna write a blog post.”  And then everyday there’s all the studying, and the working out, and the errands, and the Bachelor…and then it’s bedtime.

And now here we are.  In February.  I can count on NO hands the number of posts I’ve written since December.  Because it’s zero.  And because I’m the worst. (more…)


Oatmeal Crumb Banana Cake

This post was thiiiiis close to being another edition of “let me tell you all the crazy things that can happen to the brain.”

I have decided not to subject you to this, and for that, you’re welcome.

Instead, let’s talk about the great and honorable intentions I have for spring break.

I always approach breaks from school with faaaar too much ambition.  There is usually a huge gap between what I dream I will accomplish, and what I actually end up doing.  My rough goals for spring break look like this: (more…)

Mango Banana Bread

I wanted to title this “Mango Yonana Bread,” because have you ever looked at the stickers on Chiquita bananas?  Some of them say “make YONANAS,” which is when you freeze bananas, blend them, and pretend it’s ice cream.  This is legit, but every time I read “yo-nanas” I giggle and say in my head, “Yo-nanas?  My-nanas!”


Feel free to go read something less strange now. (more…)

Zucchini Cornbread with Basil Butter

I live in a cave!

I am a cave lady.  Perhaps that’s one word, I’m not sure.  All the blinds have to stay closed all the day long because by 11AM today, it was 101 degrees outside.  Right now, at 3:15PM, it’s 108 degrees.

(Well, don’t tell the Weatherman, but I open the blinds in the bedroom for a little bit everyday because my basil baby – that is, my little basil plant – needs some sunlight.) (more…)

Avocado Quick Bread

This bread has a secret ingredient.  I mean, it’s not a secret to you because you already read the title of the post.  But if you make it and don’t tell people what’s in it, they’ll have trouble guessing your secret ingredient.

I thought the pale green hue might give it away, but the Weatherman had a little trouble guessing.  So did my mommy…and her co-workers.  People did have plenty to say about the quick bread though, even if they couldn’t guess the secret ingredient.  It was “creamy”…”buttery”…”fruity”…”nutty”…”a little crunchy?” (more…)