Devil’s Food Cake with Strawberry Buttercream

I’ve realized important two things.

First, I don’t eat enough bagels.  From a health standpoint, I’m sure I eat enough bagels.  There’s probably not a daily recommended allowance of bagels, although there should be, and it should be 5.  When I got home from the hospital Sunday morning, I stood in front of my fridge for far too long, trying to figure out why I didn’t want to eat anything that was inside (aside from the fact that there’s basically just eggs and string cheese in there).  (more…)


PB&J…from scratch

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write this post.  A few weeks ago, my college roommate Sarah was in town visiting.  Even though it took us awhile to figure out some of our other daily activities (sometimes a challenge to choose an summer activity in Texas that does not involve heatstroke), we obvs knew for sure that we would be baking something.  (more…)

Avocado Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Frosting

So, funny story: I might be typing this on an iPad. That’s probably something I never envisioned doing. Oh, the turns life takes. My laptop’s wireless card decided to stop working and I didn’t want to keep y’all without a post for any more days. Thus, I post from my iPad.

There are a few reasons why I find my iPad-posting bizarre.

Some might also say it’s bizarre that I made my dad a pink cake for Father’s Day. Whatever. I don’t like to do what’s expected (that’s maybe a big fat lie).


Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Hey you guys!

I passed!  I survived!  I didn’t go (too) crazy!  I made it out of my first year of med school in one piece.  Don’t act like you’re not surprised.  I am.  I know we all had a few doubts.  Can she fake her way through genetics?  (Yes.)  Can she understand just enough physics and chemistry to finally get action potentials? (Yes.  Approximately 7 years later.)  Can she remember to put her stethoscope in her ears the right way?  (Yes.  Maybe.  On a good day.)

Here are some things I like to think I know now that I didn’t know before August 15th: (more…)

Strawberry Lemonade Pie

This is going to be a quick one because the Masters are on tv, and we all know how fast golf moves. If I look away for a second I could miss…someone lining up a putt.

Really this is a quick one because the last couple days of lectures have fried my brains. And we’re learning about brains! What a coincidence! (more…)

Chocolate-covered Strawberry Crumb Bars

My Macbook is working!  (for now)

The laundry is folded! (…also for now)

The Weatherman is home! (hopefully for awhile)

These are all good things.  But I have one question.

Could someone please PLEASE tell me why I have to wait approximately 2 more months for the 2nd half of Harry Potter #7 to come out?!?!!? (more…)