Valentine’s Must-Bake List

I want to let you in on a little secret.  You have to pinkie swear that you’ll keep it to yourself.  Cross your heart and hope to die.  Scout’s honor.  Lock your lips and throw away the key.  Blah blah blah just don’t tell.  It’s called belated Valentine’s Day.  Yes – Valentine’s Day is on February 14.  I know this.  It’s the same every year.  But this year, you’re going to save yourself some money and still get to eat Reese’s peanut butter hearts, which is obvs the most important part of the holiday.

On Monday, celebrate all you want with homemade treats.  Bake up a storm this weekend.  Red frosting, pink sprinkles, heart-shaped cookies…go crazy.  But wait…just be patient…and don’t hit up your local drugstore’s seasonal aisle until Tuesday.  I know how hard this is.  I know that I’m asking you to do something very difficult.  I myself have already wandered down that magical aisle several times, just to stare longingly at heart boxes and chocolate in interesting shapes, like roses.  But if you can wait until Tuesday, all of these glorious things will be on SALE.  More candy, less money.  Need I say more?

To fuel your baking frenzy this weekend, I have some links to recipes from other blogs.  These are either recipes that I’ve already tried and loved or have placed on the ever-growing must bake list – cleverly divided into “Soon,” “Sooner,” and “Now.”  All of these are treats that are suitable for your sweetheart or, more importantly, for yourself.

  • Homemade Doughnuts from My Baking Addiction.  There are few things more romantic than waking up to something deep-fried.
  • Salted Caramel Cupcakes also from My Baking Addiction.  Salty caramel + sweet cupcakes = super sultry combo.
  • Monkey Bread from Brown Eyed Baker.  The perfectly sticky, hands-on breakfast treat.  Plus you get to lick your fingers.
  • Chocolate covered Cherry Pie from Cookie Madness.  If there were someone else to bake for me, this is all I would ask for!
  • Nutella Buckeyes from Dessert By Candy.  I’ve already extolled the virtues of Nutella…these are wonderfully elegant little hazelnut treats.
  • Southern-style Strawberry Cake from Joy the Baker.  Lovely pink color, luscious strawberry taste, and super easy.  Like, stupid easy.  This might be a perfect dessert for one of those I-hate-Valentine’s parties.
  • Heritage Red Velvet Cake from Sprinkle Bakes.  Red velvet cake is always a go-to for Valentine’s, but I love this version.  It has a bright red color (sorry traditionalists) and is covered in a crumb coating.  So pretty.
  • Baked Eggs, Chive Biscuits, and Bloody Marys from Smitten Kitchen.  Perfect for breakfast in bed!  And Valentine’s is a perfect excuse to get your Blood Mary on.
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake from David Lebovitz.  He calls it “Chocolate Idiot Cake,” meaning this is easy peasy lemon squeezy stuff.  Decadent and smooth.  Remember that red wine caramel…?
  • Cheesecake-stuffed Chocolate-covered Strawberries from Bakers Royale.  Strawberries are sexy.  Strawberries stuffed with creamy cheesecake and dunked in chocolate are crazy sexy.
  • Peanut Butter & Bacon Cookies from Blue Eyed Bakers.  Boys love bacon.  Girls love bacon.  Everybody loves bacon.  (Even me…vegetarian bacon that is.)
  • Angel Food Swirl Cake from Martha Stewart.  Stunning results with very little effort.  Light and heavenly, so it’s the perfect end to a day of indulgence.
  • Triple Threat Cookie Pie Cake from Cakespy.  This is actually what Ben and I made last year for Valentine’s.  Anything with this much sweetness in one dessert is bound for Valentine’s Day glory.  Or any day really, it’s just that awesome.
  • Coconut Macaroon Pancakes from 101 Cookbooks.  Also perfect for breakfast in bed.  Or at a table, whichever you prefer.  This is the kind of thing I wish I had thought of, so thank goodness someone did!
  • Cake Truffles and Heart Box from Bakerella.  Even if you aren’t going to make it, you have to see this thing.  This is what I would be doing all weekend if I didn’t have to go make the moneys.
  • Milk Chocolate Cherry Twist from Eat Me Delicious.  A great idea for a twist (hahaha pun intended) on a sweet breakfast bread.  Plus I love anything chocolate and cherry!
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies from Baking Bites.  Another unique version of Red Velvet, this time as brownies.  The cheesecake swirl mimics the cream cheese icing.  The color and taste combo makes them perfect for Valentine’s.
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Cupcakes from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  Yes, I realize this is the 3rd chocolate-cherry recipe in this list, but aside from chocolate and peanut butter, that may be my fav combo ever.  These cupcakes are adorable and utilize one of my guiltiest pleasures, chocolate-covered maraschino cherries.

Ok, start your ovens!  What will you be making this weekend?  Remember…hold off on those candies…you can do it!  Thanks for reading, happy baking!



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