Triple Citrus Sugar Cookies

It’s winter in Dallas finally.  We had some sleet and frozen rain fall from the sky and schools closed for 2 days.  I went to work on the second of the 2 “snow days,” and there was so little traffic that I wish EVERY day was a fake snow day for the rest of the city.   (more…)


Peanut Butter Cupcakes

There are a LOT of things on my to-do list and practically none of them involve studying.  (By practically none I mean…one of them is studying.)

I need to paint my nails in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.  I spent >30 minutes at CVS tonight choosing the PERFECT sparkly pink nail polish.  Also buying new mascara (other tube only has 75% left, clearly need more) and trying not to buy candy because obvi it will be on sale in 2 days.


Gooey Strawberries & Cream Bars

There are few things on which we here at Fleur-de-Licious would consider ourselves experts.  If you read regularly, you know very well that one of them is macaroni and cheese.  Specifically, the eating of macaroni and cheese.  Another thing would be not grocery shopping responsibly.  Unless it is a Kale Only Week in which case…we still shop irresponsibly, and we only buy kale.  And then end up returning for popcorn. (more…)