Europe by the numbers

All right friends.  One more non-baking post, and then I’m done.  I swear.

I’m back in Texas!  It is full of summer.  There is sun, sun, sun as far as the eye can see.  Pool water, agua fresca + club soda, and lots of salsa is basically all I require in a day.  I missed it, and I love it.




I have learned a few things here.

1. There is no order to boarding the metro or the train, or to crossing the street.  At first, I got angry when people stepped in front of me.  Now, I realize that I can do it too!  Getouttamahway.  I have nowhere in particular to be, but I must get there before you.

2. I have no idea why people want to learn English.  It is a ridiculous language with 375,927 rules and 6 times as many exceptions.

3. The most wonderful thing in the world is being some place where you feel comfortable enough to get lost, but at the same time are still fascinated by everything around you.  Doors. (yes.  doors.)  Menu boards sitting outside cafes and bistros.  People sitting outside cafes and bistros.  Street names.

4.  This is brown sugar: