Chai-spiced Coffee Cake

Here in Michigan we’re experiencing a heat wave.  It was 30 degrees today!  There were enough minutes of sunlight that I may have made a small dent in my massive vitamin D deficit.

(Someone should figure out a way for hospital lighting to give you vitamin D.  Help the staff!  Help the patients!  Vitamin D for everybody!)  (more…)


New York Style Crumb Cake

This past weekend, our school trusted that we med students could handle a very rare, treasured 3-day weekend.

photo 2-2

Instead of my usual pinterest-filled, sleep-until-you-drag-me-out-of-bed, clean-all-the-things post-test weekend…I hopped on a sunrise plane to New Orleans to visit my dad.

photo 3-2

New Orleans is up there.  Paris, Switz, the Florida gulf coast, and New Orleans top the favorite places and home-away-from-home lists.

photo 2-1

Out of proximity, I find myself in New Orleans more often than any of the other places, and every trip manages to fit in the perfect balance of old favorites and new finds. (more…)

Raspberry Coffeecake Muffins

So you can direct your envy toward the proper blogger, Kate is the lucky duck who has been in Costa Rica.  Do not be envious of me.  I’m jealous of Kate’s vacay, and you should be too.  Now.  Down to the important business at hand.

Is there anyone out there that enjoys the sound of their own recorded voice?  Seriously.  Do these people exist?

I hate having to record a new voicemail greeting and having it played back to me.  I sound like a 6 year old child.  As you can imagine, this just shatters the image I have of myself as a mature (lolz) and articulate (this blog begs to differ) 20-something.  (more…)