Three Chip Cookies

I just finished watching this week’s Parenthood.

This means that, currently, I’m in a very fragile place emotionally. (I dare you to watch an episode without crying. At least once).

I guess that’s not all that noteworthy. Except… I kind of do this to myself intentionally. Like, it’s not even that I know it will destroy me emotionally. It’s that I want it to completely break me.

Normal people do that, right?

No? Is it just me? Am I the only emotional-masochist out there?


Puppies and Baked Bars

My puppy came to visit last week!

Baby Halo

By came to visit, I mean I basically kidnapped her from my family in Dallas and brought her home with me for the week.  And by puppy, I mean she’s 5 years old, and we still treat her like a baby.  And a human.  Her name is Halo…not after the video game, but after my brother Taylor’s mommy-given nickname.  (more…)