Cinnamon Streusel Muffins with Pumpkin Butter

So. I do this thing that is really weird.

Like, tell me something I don’t know, Kate.

But for real I do. In fact, this might be the weirdest thing I do…



Nutella-Marbled Mini Donut Muffins

I just basically slept for the last week, and I feel SO much better. It’s amazing what a little lazing around can do for a girl.

I’m super looking forward to baking (and posting!) more regularly again. This summer was a whirlwind that did not consist of butter, sugar, and flour. And those are my least favorite kinds of whirlwinds.

So. Anyway. Decisions. Those are things.


Fresh Strawberry Muffins

Hey you guys!

I passed!  I survived!  I didn’t go (too) crazy!  I made it out of my first year of med school in one piece.  Don’t act like you’re not surprised.  I am.  I know we all had a few doubts.  Can she fake her way through genetics?  (Yes.)  Can she understand just enough physics and chemistry to finally get action potentials? (Yes.  Approximately 7 years later.)  Can she remember to put her stethoscope in her ears the right way?  (Yes.  Maybe.  On a good day.)

Here are some things I like to think I know now that I didn’t know before August 15th: (more…)

Raspberry Coffeecake Muffins

So you can direct your envy toward the proper blogger, Kate is the lucky duck who has been in Costa Rica.  Do not be envious of me.  I’m jealous of Kate’s vacay, and you should be too.  Now.  Down to the important business at hand.

Is there anyone out there that enjoys the sound of their own recorded voice?  Seriously.  Do these people exist?

I hate having to record a new voicemail greeting and having it played back to me.  I sound like a 6 year old child.  As you can imagine, this just shatters the image I have of myself as a mature (lolz) and articulate (this blog begs to differ) 20-something.  (more…)

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with Peanut Butter Crumb Topping

This is my life:

Last night, as we were going to sleep, the Weatherman said, “Goodnight, I love you.”  To which I appropriately responded, “Did you know that if you laid out all your endothelial cells, from end to end, from just YOU, they would wrap around the earth 3 or 4 times?”

Poor Weatherman.  He is such a nice boy, and I am such a…medical student. (more…)