Crisps & Cobblers

Nectarine, Blueberry & Pecan Cobbler

I had a major revelation a few days ago.  Like, this stuff should be sewn on pillows, painted on posters, written in cards.  I figured out what true love is.

Whaaaaaat.  That sounds so deep.  It’s not deep, I promise.  There’s all these poems that try to say what love is, lots of songs, probs some drawings or collages or whatever.  On the Bachelorette (yes, actually), they say things like, “Love is like these clouds and this is the greatest day of my life.”  Or “Love is like this race car and I’m on a rollercoaster of emotions (?)”  “Love is like this rug, soft and multicolored and kind of stripe-y.”

Stuff like that. (more…)


Pear Cranberry Crumble

Uhhh hi. Sorry about my (Kate’s) infrequency of posts lately! Gearing up for finals and trying not to die as my apartment actually falls apart around me (a story for another post. Teaser: A voodoo diorama may or may not be involved) have really annoyingly jeopardized my time.

But I’m here with some holiday-level goodness to make up for my scatterbrainz finals headspace.


Sweet Cherry Cobbler

I had a miniature panic attack at Starbucks this afternoon.

I have a collection of about 486,000 recipes that I’ve cut out from various magazines over the years.  It could be a million recipes, a billion even, I don’t know.  I’m terrible at math.  Anyways, I’ve finally started going through these recipes and gluing them down so they can all go in a binder.

(I’m completely aware that we have the interwebs and computers and such.  I’m an old lady, and I like things on paper, okay?) (more…)

Pineapple-Peach-Cherry Crisp

I think we’ve been friends for long enough for me to tell you that I have fabric issues.

Serious.  Fabric.  Issues.

I need fabric – of all sorts – to lay how it’s supposed to lay.

For example: socks.  Sometimes you wear boots, and you wear socks, and your socks are kind of wimpy and losing their elastic, and as the day wears on they slowly creep down your ankle until they’re stuck under your heel.  This kind of occurrence can make me seriously grumpypants. (more…)