Cookies For Kids’ Cancer Cookie Swap

Sometimes things seem too good to be true.  Like when I bought a pint of “ice cream” entitled “Arctic Breeze” that said it tasted like ice cream, but only had 80 calories in the whole pint!!!!

It most definitely did NOT taste like ice cream.

Or when I thought that the j.crew factory sale ad that said “50% off everything” meant 50% off the already-super-low prices in red, when really…those were 50% off.  (This obvs did not keep me from buying a new wardrobe.)

The cookie contribution from me and my mom.

The cookie contribution from me and my mom.

One thing that seemed too good to be true, but in fact turned out to be VERY true, was this fundraiser idea I saw on Jackie’s blog, La Casa de SweetsCookies for Kids’ Cancer, an organization that supports research for pediatric cancer treatment, partnered up with Glad and Oxo this holiday season.  And if you host a cookie swap party before December 31 (there’s still time people), all you have to do is count the number of cookies…and Glad will donate $1 per cookie to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer.

One.  Dollar.  Per.  Cookie.

You get to do what you’re already doing anyways (baking cookies) and money gets donated to help find better therapies for pediatric cancer.  SO EASY.  In fact, so easy, that no one believed me when I told them about it.  Literally the hardest part was convincing people that I was not in fact scamming them for cookies.

med students love cookies!

med students love cookies!

So, I worked with the Pediatrics Interest Group and the Oncology-Hematology Interest Group on campus, and hosted a cookie swap last week.  If there is one thing that med students are better at than studying and complaining about it, it’s eating cookies.  We try to apply everything we learn about nutrition and diabetes…to other people only.

Do you want to know how many cookies they brought?

Can you guess?  300?  500?  1000?!!?

Wrong.  My classmates, 1 week before a very difficult exam, brought 1,645 cookies.

Like me, you may not be good at math.  So I’ll just tell you.  If 1 cookie = $1…1645 cookies = $1645.

That is legit.

Dr. Leger and Dr. Amatruda - our cookie swapping pediatric oncologists!

Dr. Leger and Dr. Amatruda – our cookie swapping pediatric oncologists!

We got to take a little break, eat cookies, and hear from 2 pediatric oncologists that work at Children’s Medical Center on our campus.  I won’t bore you with science and stats (I say that like I can remember science and stats), but basically there’s this: pediatric cancer used to be a death sentence.  Now, survival rates are through the roof.  But we need better treatment!  Until survival rates are 100% and the long-term effects of those harsh chemotherapeutics and radiation treatments are reduced, we’ve got to keep researching.

You still have time to host your own cookie swap!  You may even already be planning a cookie swap…and there’s nothing different you have to do to make it completely worthwhile besides count the cookies.  As one of our oncologists said, it’s the most delicious cancer fundraiser that ever existed.  And it’s the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit of giving (and eating cookies)!  If you have any questions, ask away.  In the meantime, head over to Cookies For Kids’ Cancer and see how you can help!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of recipe today.  Check back on Wednesday, when to make up for it, we will post TWO cookie recipes that we made for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!



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