Coco La Croix Floats and a Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran my first ever half-marathon.  (This is Hannah, btdubs.  I just run.  Kate is the cray cray one who does yoga in a hot hot room. (I don’t actually think you’re crazy, Kate.  Except maybe a little bit.))


I did that!  It rained some.  There were more hills than I was expecting or hoping for.  I wasn’t the fastest, but I sure as heck wasn’t the slowest.  (My friend Cathy, on the other hand, finished 6th in our age group!  Wow!)  I didn’t stop running the whole time, except to drink water, which is more than good enough for me.  And you know what?  Except for about a mile, somewhere around mile 5 or 6, I enjoyed it all. 


I’m not full of it.  (I mean, maybs I am, but not about this.)  I’m not just sitting here preaching the glories of running to you, because I think that’s silly.  Obvs not everyone likes to run.  I hated it until about 2 or 3 years ago.  Legit.  Like, in middle school track (which I did only because I thought I could do the high jump all the time, but turns out high jumpers still have to run in practice), I faked knee injuries probs 30% of the time.  Then something happened along the way and surprise!  I like running.

But that’s not the point.  What I wanted to tell you is why I loved almost every step of those 13.1 miles yesterday.  Why around mile 10, I started grinning from ear to ear like an idiot.

All day after the race yesterday, and all day today, I keep looking down at my legs and thinking, “Holy cow legs.  You worked for 13.1 miles.  You carried me the whole way.  You pushed me up hills and let me glide down them.  How did you do that legs?!?!”

Basically, more or less, I can’t believe it.

We take our bodies for granted.  We really do!  We put yucky stuff in them and then we get mad when they don’t work the way we want them to.  We get upset when our bodies don’t look a certain way, but we don’t pay attention often enough to all the things our bodies can do.  Who cares if my legs are pale (I may or may not be an albino) and bruised (I may or may not be a clumsy 5 year old) if they ran for 13 miles??  Not me.

In some form or another, you have to challenge yourself physically sometimes in order to be amazed.  Yes, you can do it by running.  Or not.  You can do it by yoga.  You can do it by cross-fit.  You can do it by walking or biking or climbing.  Pick anything, and stick it out, and when you’re done, sit back and say, “I can’t believe I did that.”

To put it simply, I ran a half marathon (and will probs run more at some point) because I’m addicted to that feeling of disbelief.  I am in love with being blown away by what my lungs and brain and muscles can do.

Coco La Croix Float

No attempt at transition.  I made this today because Kate reminded me to and because I wanted it in my face.  La Croix is this ridic sparkling water you can find at lots of grocery stores.  I find the coconut one at Whole Foods.  Ready…go!

1 can Coconut La Croix sparkling water
zest of 1 lemon
1/3 cup shredded coconut, toasted and cooled (I used sweetened, but that’s just what I had on hand)
1/2 cup vanilla ice cream, softened slightly
whipped cream, optional

1. Mix the lemon zest and 1/4 cup of toasted coconut into the softened ice cream.  Cover it with plastic wrap and refreeze until firm.
2. Pour most of the La Croix into a tall glass.  Scoop the ice cream on the side of or in the glass, however you like your floats.  Pour the remaining sparkling water over the ice cream.  Top with whipped cream, if using, and remaining toasted coconut.  Stick a straw in and go to town.

Enjoy the float!  Thanks for reading, happy baking!  And thanks to my mom, dad, and brother who waited in the rain for me at the finish line and dried me off and fed me….and thanks and congrats to Cathy who kicked major butt in the race and is the fastest girl I know!!!


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