Remember when I said that some very exciting changes were coming to Fleur-De-Licious?

I wasn’t lying.  Why would I lie to you?  We’re friends.

So.  Here is the deal.  While I obviously enjoy baking and writing posts far more than I enjoy studying, I’m fairly certain that if baking time is greater than studying time, I won’t be in medical school for very long.  And that would pretty much be the worst.

Using my supreme skills of logic and common sense, I thought of the best solution I possibly could: ask one of my best friends, who is in law school and has just as little time to do non-school things as I do, to jump on the Fleur-De-Licious wagon.  Train.  Boat?

We like beignets.

A first year medical student and a second year law student clearly have nothing else to do besides write a baking blog.

Kate is a fabulous lady and a fabulous baker.  Even more importantly, Kate and I became friends in high school at Ursuline, where food is extremely important.  Food like under-baked chocolate chip cookies from the cafeteria…cupcakes and brownies on your birthday…puppy chow made with love and care, with the sole purpose of sneaking it into a movie theater.

In fact, now that I think about it, much of our supremely awesome friendship involves food.  When Kate and I first met, and I felt the need to show her Jewish life, she came to my house and we ate challah.  When Kate and I needed to discuss important friendship slash life things, we would meet at Steak n’ Shake for grilled cheeses, onion rings, and milkshakes.  After spending entire days out in the Texas sun watching our favorite bands play, we would come home and eat Velveeta mac and cheese.  Before we both went abroad in our junior year, Kate came to my house to eat pancakes in celebration of America.  And I’m fairly certain that we would both sacrifice hugely, disproportionately important things in order to get our hands on a sheet cake from Costco.

(After writing that paragraph, I’m wondering how we’re both a) not 500 pounds, and b) not dead from heart disease.)

Plus, besides all of that food stuff, we are best friends.  We love Harry Potter!  We love Pride and Prejudice!  We love Beck’s beer (sort of) and watermelon Bacardi!  These things are all important for real life, solid friendships.

back when we were babies.

No, really.  They are.

The point is…Kate is now the other proud parent of Fleur-De-Licious!  She will be posting and sharing her baking and smarts and wittiness with all of you, and you should consider yourself extremely lucky that you’re going to get to be interweb friends with her.

Hooray for Kate!  Hooray for future lawyers and future doctors!  Hooray for baking!



    1. Thanks, Tina! I’m so excited to get started and hope I can live up to the fabulousness that Hannah has started!

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