Vacations are better than real life

I have many dreams in life.  I would prefer that you just make-believe I can have all these things.

One: to only serve morning coffee + milk in latte bowls so we can all pretend we are breakfast-ing in France.  Also, I do in fact need an entire bowlful of coffee most mornings.

Two: to have a weekly delivery of Swedish Fish (only the red ones (do they even make other colors??)) in bulk to my house.

Three: to someday be the major-general of a guerrilla war on McDonald’s by secretly replacing all of their beef patties with homemade veggie burgers and hiding green beans in the fry cartons.

Four: to visit the Seychelles Islands and befriend a 100+ year old giant sea turtle.

Five: to speak to my way future children in French, mainly so I can make a YouTube video like this.

Six: to own this house in Seaside, Florida

It is called Seastar, and some very nice people from New Orleans (perhaps this will help me when I try to take it over from them) apparently own it.  I imagine they’re nice anyways, because I don’t believe that mean people live in baby blue houses.  Every time we visit the beaches of South Walton, I admire this house and try to calculate how many Starbucks I shouldn’t buy in order to save up for it.

It adds up to more and more eschewed Sbucks ever year.  Also this house is not for sale, which doesn’t help matters much.  By the time I have 295 billion dollars saved up to buy it though, it just may be.  One can only dream.

I didn’t spend my entire vacation staring at this house though, I swear.  I did other things.  Not very many other things though, I mean really, how many things is one actually supposed to do on a beach vacation?

First, this is what I left at home:

And here is what vacation is all about…

beach thunderstorm

spicy boiled shrimp on the beach

Perfectly clear water

housemade bloody marys at the Great Southern bar

the boys and the deep sea fishies they caught


brothers and sisters


a crab

the fanciest boardwalk in the world

leaving-town breakfast at the Donut Hole

I have to cherish this vacation memory for as long as possible…one week from today, I start medical school.  Like, really.  I know I’ve been saying, for the past year, that I’m starting medical school in a year, in 8 months, in 3 months, in 1 month…and now, in 1 week.  I haven’t been pretending, I swear!

And again, and big thank you to Cajunlicious and Ryan Bakes for writing such amazing guest posts for me while I avoided sunburn like the plague.  Such fabulous ladies!

Ok, the baking has begun again, with my little brother’s 18th birthday cake.  So far, so good…post to come soon!  Thanks for reading, happy vacationing 🙂



  1. ohhhhhhhhhh what I wouldn’t give for a beach vacation. Or a mountain on…oh heck who am I kidding…I’d give those trillion sbuxes for a vacation anywhere!


    good for you and BAKE ON!

  2. Vacation sounds really good right about now–I’ve been working in a hot bakery for the last five and a half weeks. Good luck with med school. It sounds so exciting!

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