Maman, je t’aime.

I don’t really have a new recipe for you today.  I made some Tuscaloosa Tollhouse Pie (sounds crazy good right?  right.), but I’ll write that post later.  This is more important.  This post is for my mommy, so I decided I’d share some of the recipes that she loves to make.  But first we should talk about my mom a little bit because, while you may have your own mommy whom you think is awesome (and I’m sure she is), mine is clearly the best.

wine tour of Michigan

My mom’s name is Connie.  When I was in preschool, I was under the impression that she had black hair, as many of the pictures I drew for her featured a prominent mess of black locks.  This is incorrect.  My mama has brown hair, and she is beautiful.

My mommy has a magnificent shoe and accessory collection.  She is also the best vintage/consignment/antique store shopper I know.  There are probs more than 20 shops in the Dallas area that she checks in on once and awhile, and almost every time she finds something fantastic and one of a kind (and usually on sale).  I used to pretend that I knew how to dress better than my mom, but this was also incorrect.  At 23, I now not only listen to her fashion advice, but I also seek it…because she is right about my outfits.

Connie is the best…seriously, the BEST…Saints fan that has ever or will ever exist.  She put a sign up outside our house that says “WHO DAT HOME,” and she brings Saints treats for everyone in her office (except the Cowboys fans) during football season.  She also has a very serious, very understandable crush on Drew Brees.  I fully support this.

cheering on my brother's baseball team

My mom is also the queen of Thanksgiving.  You have never been to a Thanksgiving like her Thanksgivings.  Yes, I’m sure yours are nice, but hers are ridiculously wonderful.  The food is obvs amazing, but the atmosphere is even better.  My mommy makes sure everyone feels welcome and loved and like they’re a part of the family.  She pretty much radiates warmth and friendship.  (Can one radiate friendship?  If anyone can, Connie can.)

My mommy puts everyone who matters to her before herself.  She’s been taking care of her own parents pretty much since forever, and she’s been taking care of me and my brother since precisely 12:06 on January 15, 1988.  She also puts her friends before herself…she brings people dinner and makes people sweet picnic baskets when what she really should be doing is taking a nap or getting a manicure.  She’s getting a little better at not doing this as much so she can take care of herself, but I would like to see some more improvement in this area.  Are you listening Mom?

Enjoying Pierre Herme macarons in Place St. Sulpice

She loves her family more than anything in the world, and she has sacrificed quite a bit for us.  I want my mommy to know that everyday – not just on Mother’s Day – I’m grateful for that.  Maybe today is the day I write a blog post about it, but everyday, I think how lucky I am to have the mom that I do.  She used to (and still does in most birthday cards) tell my little brother and I that “Mommy’s love is all around you,” and it’s so true.  We feel it everyday.  My love is all around you too Mommy!

Now for some Mom-tested and everyone-approved recipes…

That is the smallest of samplings from my Mom’s vast cooking repertoire.  Seriously…she has tons of cookbooks and old copies of Bon Appetit and Gourmet (RIP), plus at least 3 binders of recipes she’s cut out and compiled over the years.  Which leads me to one more thing I need to thank my mommy for…my passion for cooking and baking.  She taught me early on that one of the best ways to show your love for someone is to make them something delicious from scratch.  My love of all things kitchen (except the dishes) comes from you Mom…thank you!

Go!  Tell your mommy (and your grandma too) you love her!  That she’s the best!  That you wouldn’t be here without her (duh)!  And if you’re a mommy yourself…happy Mother’s Day!  Thank you!



  1. Your Mom is awesome! Please give her my best. And, I must say I love your blog. Keep up the great work.


    1. She is awesome! I’ll tell her you say hello. And thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog…I’m definitely enjoying all the baking and writing!

  2. What can I say? This is the most beautiful tribute to any maman, ever. Thank you, Hannah, for writing these wonderful words, but most of all, for always being the best you can be. Mon amour est tourjours autour de vous — TOURJOURS ET POUR TOURJOURS!!! I am the luckiest Mom in the world.

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