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Oatmeal Crumb Banana Cake

4 Mar photo(11)

This post was thiiiiis close to being another edition of “let me tell you all the crazy things that can happen to the brain.”

I have decided not to subject you to this, and for that, you’re welcome.

Instead, let’s talk about the great and honorable intentions I have for spring break.

I always approach breaks from school with faaaar too much ambition.  There is usually a huge gap between what I dream I will accomplish, and what I actually end up doing.  My rough goals for spring break look like this: Continue reading

Pear Cranberry Crumble

30 Nov IMG_20121121_133436

Uhhh hi. Sorry about my (Kate’s) infrequency of posts lately! Gearing up for finals and trying not to die as my apartment actually falls apart around me (a story for another post. Teaser: A voodoo diorama may or may not be involved) have really annoyingly jeopardized my time.

But I’m here with some holiday-level goodness to make up for my scatterbrainz finals headspace.

Continue reading

Toasty Oat Chocolate Chip Shortbread

30 Mar shortbread4

Well I was going to write about how I have no ingredients except for butter, but then Kate also ran out of ingredients and beat me to it.

That’s ok.  Let’s make this short (like SHORTBREAD – I amaze myself) and sweet.  Continue reading

Pantry Cookies (or Kate’s attempt at Cowboy Cookies)

27 Mar IMAG1088

So I went to make cookies tonight. And I only had one cup of flour.

I also only had 3 oz of semisweet chocolate.

Luckily, I had pretzels and plenty of oats. And a mishmash of other chocolate stuff.

Sometimes, I’m too lazy to go to the store. This was one of those times.

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Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

21 Jan IMAG0849

I’m pale.

Not just in the winter. Like always.

I’m not trolling for sympathy. This is my affliction and I’ve come to peace with it. Maybe. I guess. Whatever.

My fair-skinned life is never more apparent than when I go on a beach vacation. So last week in Costa Rica, I was very aware of my porcelain complexion.

Continue reading

Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Scones

17 Oct DSCN3097

This past week was a pretty big week, y’all.

So much room for activities.

Lots of milestones. Let’s talk about it!

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Apple Oat Bars with Pretzel Crumb Topping

24 Feb DSCN1746

Sweet and salty is totes all the rage for good reason.  It’s a delicious combination.  And there are so many different variations and ways to achieve that perfect sweet-salty balance.  Fleur de sel caramels…salted chocolate shortbread cookies…honey cayenne roasted pecans.  And these:

Remember a couple weeks ago when I had extra pretzel crust leftover from my strawberry-cheesecake-pretzel barsContinue reading


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