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Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013

11 Dec fbcookieswap2013_badge

It’s that time of the year again, y’all!

By that we mean: it’s the time of the year that you get excited to come home from work because there might be COOKIES waiting for you at the door.

Cookies sent by very awesome and very talented bakerbloggers from all over the country!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year is what we’re saying.

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Pumpkin Nutella Chess Pie

8 Nov photo 1

Apparently we now only eat things with pumpkin in them here.  Has pumpkin fatigue set in yet?  Is that a thing?

Also apparently it is in fact true that I will eat anything with nutella in it.  I don’t even usually like pumpkin pie (sorry/not sorry).  But once I decided to add nutella?  Yes.  Will eat.  No question. Continue reading

Brown Butter Bourbon Apple Pie

20 Nov apple pie 5

Sometimes, it’s right in the middle of test week, and you decide to make a coffeecake, an apple pie, and homemade rolls for premature Friendsgiving.  You just decide this, and you don’t think about the fact that it is a stupid decision, and that you have no time management skills, and that there are more important life skills you should be working on with all this apparent “free-time” you’ve created to bake this stuff. Continue reading

Pumpkin Cake with Almond Butter Frosting

8 Oct pumpkin cake 3

Let’s just state the obvious and get that out of the way.  I love science.  And learning.

But.  That being said, there are some things that I would prefer remain a mystery.  Things I hope no one ever explains to me.  I’m putting this list out there in public to avoid the same devastation I experienced upon learning that baby carrots are not, in fact, tiny carrots that grow with tiny carrot tops on a tiny carrot farm. Continue reading

Christmas in NOLA

31 Dec DSCN3937

I went to New Orleans during Christmas.  The last time I was there was nearly a year ago, and that is an unusually long time between NOLA visits.  It was high time to go back.

We stayed in the Iberville Suites.  This is the ultimate in awesome because it’s attached to the Ritz, and you get to use all of the Ritz fancy things (like the most amazing hotel workout room ever), but you pay not even close to Ritz rates.  It’s in the French Quarter, but a couple of blocks away from Bourbon so noisy Quarter-goers won’t keep you up at night.  It’s the 2nd time I’ve stayed there, and I would highly recommend it! Continue reading

Champagne Cupcakes with Grapefruit Curd

29 Dec DSCN3978

I accomplished a great deal yesterday.

I slept until 11am.  I found a parking spot at Northpark mall in under 10 minutes.  I bought a cute, sparkly, bright blue new year’s dress and saved lots of money on it.

But most importantly, I got to bake with Kate! Bffae baking reunion! Continue reading

Candied Pecan and Brown Butter Pear Cake

26 Nov

This is a little bit of Thanksgiving at my (Hannah’s) house:

Glazed pecans, aka "Lusty Nuts"

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