Three Chip Cookies

I just finished watching this week’s Parenthood.

This means that, currently, I’m in a very fragile place emotionally. (I dare you to watch an episode without crying. At least once).

I guess that’s not all that noteworthy. Except… I kind of do this to myself intentionally. Like, it’s not even that I know it will destroy me emotionally. It’s that I want it to completely break me.

Normal people do that, right?

No? Is it just me? Am I the only emotional-masochist out there?


Coconut Bundt Cake


I’ve recently realized that I do this thing that is, objectively, slightly pathetic.

You see, I’m currently stuck at 3ish miles in my half-marathon training. I’ve been stuck for about two weeks now.

First, UGH.

Second, how I’ve decided to deal with this problem has revealed a much more pervasive pattern of behavior.