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Spiked Banana Bread

13 Jun IMG_20130613_223240

This week has felt a little bit like the universe punched me in the stomach.

It’s entirely possible (probable) that this is not the case. But this is how I feel. And because self-pity is an emotion that I’m intimately familiar with, I’m just gonna stick with it.

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Bourbon Caramel Cookies

4 Jun IMG_20130418_132855

Well… I’ve figured out where all the stuff I was complaining about last post comes from.

I’ve been moving into my new apartment (in Dallas! Where Hannah lives!). And moving into a new place requires some shopping for essentials that you didn’t feel like end up moving. Like brooms and sponges and dish soap. You know, responsible, adult things.

But in my last few days of apartment nesting, I’ve noticed that I maybe (totally) let myself buy whatever I want, using the emotional trauma and stress of moving as an excuse for that purchasing behavior.

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Brown Butter Bourbon Apple Pie

20 Nov apple pie 5

Sometimes, it’s right in the middle of test week, and you decide to make a coffeecake, an apple pie, and homemade rolls for premature Friendsgiving.  You just decide this, and you don’t think about the fact that it is a stupid decision, and that you have no time management skills, and that there are more important life skills you should be working on with all this apparent “free-time” you’ve created to bake this stuff. Continue reading

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Bars

21 Oct IMG_20121010_181538[1]

I just finished off 2/3 a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a Diet Coke. I’m planning on calling that dinner.

Practicing being a grown-up, you know?

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Cherry Cornmeal Cake with Bourbon Glaze

19 Jul DSCN3217

In the past 5 days I have:

seen Harry Potter.  Twice.

cried over Harry Potter.  At least twice.  (If you do your math correctly, you’ll realize this means I cried at some point while not watching the movie.  It’s over.  It’s sad, ok?  Don’t make fun.  Rude.) Continue reading


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