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That time I went to ASIA

3 Sep

I’m currently three days into fighting the jet lag battle. (I’m not winning).

Apparently, losing the battle is pretty normal. You know, when you’re coming back from ASIA.



If anything proves the above statement, this photo does.

I was there for 25 days and I still kind of can’t at all believe that that happened. Let’s talk through it!!

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The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap!

12 Dec

Well we are just swapping cookies all the over the place, aren’t we?  We were so excited to be able to participate in the 2nd annual Great Food Blogger Cookies Swap!  There is absolutely nothing better than a surprise package of cookies waiting for you when you get home at the end of the day!

fb swap 6

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Cookies For Kids’ Cancer Cookie Swap

10 Dec

Sometimes things seem too good to be true.  Like when I bought a pint of “ice cream” entitled “Arctic Breeze” that said it tasted like ice cream, but only had 80 calories in the whole pint!!!!

It most definitely did NOT taste like ice cream.

Or when I thought that the j.crew factory sale ad that said “50% off everything” meant 50% off the already-super-low prices in red, when really…those were 50% off.  (This obvs did not keep me from buying a new wardrobe.) Continue reading

Europe by the numbers

29 Jul

All right friends.  One more non-baking post, and then I’m done.  I swear.

I’m back in Texas!  It is full of summer.  There is sun, sun, sun as far as the eye can see.  Pool water, agua fresca + club soda, and lots of salsa is basically all I require in a day.  I missed it, and I love it.

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On why I cannot be Parisian

1 Jul jg caramel

Let’s talk for a moment about what I admire most about Parisians.

They have this ridiculous superpower that allows them to walk into a boulangerie/patisserie/bakery…and just…say what they want.  They already know.  They have the ability to…I believe one says, “make a decision.”

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23 Jun samaritaine

I have learned a few things here.

1. There is no order to boarding the metro or the train, or to crossing the street.  At first, I got angry when people stepped in front of me.  Now, I realize that I can do it too!  Getouttamahway.  I have nowhere in particular to be, but I must get there before you.

2. I have no idea why people want to learn English.  It is a ridiculous language with 375,927 rules and 6 times as many exceptions.

3. The most wonderful thing in the world is being some place where you feel comfortable enough to get lost, but at the same time are still fascinated by everything around you.  Doors. (yes.  doors.)  Menu boards sitting outside cafes and bistros.  People sitting outside cafes and bistros.  Street names.

4.  This is brown sugar:

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Valentine’s Day Love

11 Feb

Does anyone else think that we should bring back the Valentine’s shoebox “mailbox” that we all had in elementary school?  We could decorate them.  And fill them with Toy Story Valentines.  So far, haven’t been able to convince anybody.  (Hopefully people know what I’m talking about and don’t think I’m crazy.)

Anyways.  Here is some stuffs to make!  Even if you hate Valentine’s (I know you’re out there (but not sure why you can’t just appreciate all the chocolate)), these things will still taste good.  Promise. Continue reading


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