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Double Chocolate Ice Cream Sammies

24 May IMG_20140524_165902

Sometimes you wake up and heat up day old pizza in your cast iron skillet and eat it for breakfast.

Sometimes you just go to Whole Foods and buy apple cider vinegar and a single coco La Croix and a pint of Jeni’s ice cream. And that’s it.

Sometimes you go to Trader Joe’s before work on a Wednesday and buy a single greek yogurt, an apple, chocolate & sea salt almonds, and peonies. Because how do you show up at the office without those things?


Sometimes, you just do the things that you want to do. Because you’re an adult and you can.

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Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013

11 Dec fbcookieswap2013_badge

It’s that time of the year again, y’all!

By that we mean: it’s the time of the year that you get excited to come home from work because there might be COOKIES waiting for you at the door.

Cookies sent by very awesome and very talented bakerbloggers from all over the country!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year is what we’re saying.

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Salted Chocolate Caramel Cookies

5 Aug IMG_20121218_190830

Well, y’all. I did it.

I survived the Texas bar exam.


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Blueberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

17 Jun photo 1

Goodbye Starbucks in West Village (and hello Gold Card).

Goodbye lady who wrote “Honey” on my iced coffee cup instead of “Hannah.”

Goodbye low-talking barista who has to say everything 3 times…to everyone…followed by, “Sorry, I know I talk softly.”  THEN TALK LOUDER.

photo 1-1

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Bourbon Caramel Cookies

4 Jun IMG_20130418_132855

Well… I’ve figured out where all the stuff I was complaining about last post comes from.

I’ve been moving into my new apartment (in Dallas! Where Hannah lives!). And moving into a new place requires some shopping for essentials that you didn’t feel like end up moving. Like brooms and sponges and dish soap. You know, responsible, adult things.

But in my last few days of apartment nesting, I’ve noticed that I maybe (totally) let myself buy whatever I want, using the emotional trauma and stress of moving as an excuse for that purchasing behavior.

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S’mores Whoopie Pies

17 May IMG_20130414_141607

Have you ever watched that show on TLC (or maybe A&E?) about hoarders?

Just like an hour of people being amazed at how much stuff someone can accumulate and fighting with them about how, no, they don’t actually need every newspaper printed since 1989?

Here’s a secret: I can’t bear to watch Hoarders because I’m terrified that I will become/already am one.

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Mint Chocolate Cookies & Cream Cookies

16 Mar photo 3-1

Well. It is official. I have decided I’m done spending money. I will instead be revolutionizing the world by re-introducing the barter system.

Amazon would like $49.00 for that external hard drive?  How about instead I send them this lovely cake stand I never use?

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